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K-12 Attendance and Truancy

Chronic absence is a combination of factors that include school, family, and community. Improving student attendance is critical for ensuring our students are on track to learn and succeed. Our Truancy Counselor/Officer develops attendance intervention plans for at risk youth and works with the Counseling and Social Work team to identify barriers to on time attendance.
What can families do to promote good attendance?
 Encourage good attendance in school by establishing daily routines that include going to bed on time and getting up on time.  
 Remove stimulating or distracting items from the child's bedroom: cell phone, TV, computers and video games.
 Talk with your child.  What is preventing your child from attending consistently?
 If your child is consistently reporting health concerns, a physical examination with your child's doctor may be helpful in understanding what may be preventing on time attendance.
 Seek help and advice though professional counselors in the community.
 Monitor your child’s progress by logging into PowerSchool and maintain contact with your child’s teacher.
 Ask for consultations with School Counselors, School Social Workers and the Truancy Officer. These supportive professionals can meet with you and your child and help you create and action plan to eliminate truancy.