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High School Counseling Department


Academic, College and Career Counseling

The counseling department offers a variety of services, including:

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling includes topics such as adjustment to Community Academy of Philadelphia, classroom performance, academic deficiency and failure, schedules and course selection, effective communication with instructors, and perspectives on their academic credentials.

College and Career Planning

Every student is encouraged to start meeting with their School Counselor in the 9th-grade year to individualize the college selection process. College application procedures are discussed at length with students beginning in the 9th-grade year. Students also receive assistance with registering for SATs, applying for scholarships, and learning more about the process of Financial Aid.

Students who are not interested in attending college are encouraged to meet with the School Counselor to discuss alternatives (trade schools, enlistment in the Military, developing resumes for entering the workforce, etc.).