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High School Counseling

CAP’s High School Counseling team is dedicated to supporting the academic performance, career development and personal/social growth of each of our students. We do this through a variety of programs including:
Academic Counseling
Academic counseling includes topics such as adjustment to Community Academy of Philadelphia, classroom performance, academic deficiency and failure, schedules and course selection, effective communication with instructors, and perspectives on their academic credentials.
College and Career Planning
Every student is encouraged to start meeting with their School Counselor in the 9th grade year to individualize the college selection process. College application procedures are discussed at length with students beginning in the 9th-grade year. Students also receive assistance with registering for SATs, applying for scholarships, and learning more about the process of Financial Aid. Students who are not interested in attending college are encouraged to meet with the School Counselor to discuss alternatives (trade schools, enlistment in the Military, developing resumes for entering the workforce, etc.). Beginning with 9th grade year, School Counselors hold College & Career Seminar classes that focus on career research, college applications, financial aid, financial literacy and much more!
Personal and Social Emotional Growth
Our team of Counselors are dedicated to the social emotional and personal growth of each of our students. CAP’s mission is grounded in ensuring we have a team of individuals ready to respond to the emotional needs of our students. We understand that students can have a host of barriers to their education. Our team addresses those barriers so students are better able to focus on their education and have a positive school experience.
High School Counseling interventions to address barriers to education include:
Individual School Counseling
Individual Clinical Counseling
Group Counseling
Crisis Intervention
Consultation with parents, teachers and other educators
Conflict Resolution Counseling
Even when students have the best intentions, they still may disagree with others. This may lead to conflict where they feel upset, angry, misunderstood or helpless. Our High School Climate Counselor works with students to understand the conflict, address feelings related to it, discuss positive and negative responses and how to resolve it with effective communication and active listening.
Social Work Services
Our School Social Worker consults and collaborates with educational stakeholders, parents and community resources in areas that impact student learning. Their primary role is to advocate for students and identify and assess student’s needs and provide case management services. CAP’s Social Worker provides supportive case management for at-risk youth, referrals to community agencies for support and resources and promotes collaboration among community health, mental health and welfare service providers. Our goal is to facilitate easier access to these services for students and families.
Truancy Prevention and Outreach
Chronic absence is a combination of factors that include school, family, and community. Improving student attendance is critical for ensuring our students are on track to learn and succeed. Our Truancy Counselor/Officer develops attendance intervention plans for at risk youth and works with the Counseling and Social Work team to identify barriers to on time attendance.
For more information on CAP’s Truancy Policy: CLICK HERE
Meet Our Team
  • Madelaine Dijs - Class of 2026 (Grade 10) and Seniors with last names Q-Z
  • Chloe Smith - Class of 2025 (Grade 11) and Seniors with last names A-G
  • Emily Phillips - Class of 2027 (Grade 9) and Seniors with last names H-P