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Experiential Education

An Honors Level Academic Course with College Credit 

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NOTE:   Average cumulative 4-year (Seniors) and 3-year (Juniors) 

GPA for the EEC2020 updated 1/31/2020 is: 3.54

All members of the class have honors for 1st Semester 2022-2023

 The Experiential Education Class (Foreign Travel) is a for-credit class in the high school providing one elective (1.0) Carnegie Unit (CU) toward graduation. New in 2018 and forward, this course is offered with college credit. The class is graded A+ through F. The EEC is one of two experiential learning opportunities offered in the high school the other is North Carolina Outward Bound.


 A new group of students is chosen each spring for the following year. Each student is required to attend classes, do various assignments on assigned topics*, study and prepare for the overseas experience, follow strict rules of behavior both on the trip and in the period before the trip, maintain good grades, and write a journal that will be graded. The overseas experience is considered an academic course, and students receive a grade based on their pre-trip work, the journal, chaperone comments, and a suggested grade given by each of the chaperones. The final grade includes all these factors and is given by Mr. Proietta, as Lead Teacher for the Class. College grade and credit are assigned by the University of California San Diego at their sole discretion. We are proud to travel each year with Worldstrides International Discovery Programs.

*Students are expected to behave above and beyond the expectations of the Code of Conduct. Students chosen for the class are expected to be role models for other students. Any infractions of the Code of Conduct--from the first day of school until the moment we depart on the overseas componenet--will be reviewed by Mr. Joseph Proietta, CAPCS’ CEO and Founder and Ms. Julia Jimenez (Dean of Students and an alumna) and the high school administration (principal, vice principals and senior faculty), and the student's status on the overseas experience will be reevaluated. All rules in the Code of Conduct, a specific dress code unique to the overseas componnent, and specific rules apply while going to, on, and returning from overseas. Permission to attend the overseas componenet of EEClass  ("the trip") is at the sole discretion of the CEO of CAPCS who is the sole interpreter of the rules.