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CEO's Message

** Last updated February 2, 2022 **




I have always thought of Community Academy of Philadelphia, CS and all of its families and alumni as part of my family. The CAP Family has been a pivotal part of Philadelphia from its Founder to our kindergarten classes.  We are a K – 12 charter school that forged the way for all charter schools in Philadelphia by being the first charter school and taking a chance on a new innovative educational system to help the failing public school system.  Charter schools and CAP has had an important role in keeping high standards of education in Philadelphia.  CAP, the students, families, and alumni have been part of this city since 1980.  We are the first charter school in Philadelphia, the first charter school with Middle States Accreditation, the first charter school to incorporate a mental health system that is pivotal to the success of our students, the first to have a daycare system to support our high school students that need the support to succeed and so much more.  Our families and alumni, which is over 3000 strong, are important members of the Philadelphia community and they keep this city moving in the right direction. 


Education has had some very important changes partly due to the pandemic but also due to the changing needs of our society and our children.  CAP, by being a charter school, has the ability to be flexible and innovative to meet these changing needs of our families.  We are responsive to our families and due to our small size, we know our students and families well.  When our students asked for a culinary class in the high school, we incorporated a culinary class.  When our students wanted to participate in track, we added a track program.  With over 40 extracurriculars school wide we make sure that every student has a place to extend their horizons.


The CAP family, including teachers and staff, families and students are coming together to forge forward together and begin this new journey into the cyber world.  Included in all programming is a technical connection that will be needed in the future for all jobs and professions.  This is part of the ever-changing world we live in.  Innovation and progress are key to our success and the success of our families.  I am committed to Community Academy of Philadelphia continuing to provide a successful and joyous educational experience for all of our students and families.