CAP Legacy Series: Danielle Carter

CAPDanielle Carter '06 at CAPCHS High School graduation. 
Danielle Carter is a CAPCS Alumna. She graduated in 2006 as a recipient of the Megan Simpson Award. She currently has her Bachelor's of Science in Human Services and a Masters of Education degree in Special Education. Carters' legacies are Darren Jenkins (10th grade) Daniel Jenkins (6th grade) Daisha Jenkins (3rd grade) and David Jenkins (K). Please read more about Danielle and how CAPCHS has helped her pave her future.
Danielle Carter and her family at her sons Darren Jenkins 8th grade promotion ceremony.
What is your current position and how did CAP prepare you for your career?
My current position is a Behavior consultant. CAP prepared me for my career because the teachers provided me with the push I needed to succeed in life. Not only the teachers, but all the staff. The staff made sure I was not running the hallways, made sure I was in my designated class before the bell rang. The teachers held me accountable for my actions and always wanted me to do my best. School has always been my safe haven and CAP has definitely provided that safety for me. I currently hold a B.S. in Human Services and a M.Ed in Special education. If it had not been for the staff and teachers at CAP, I would not have progressed further in my education.
What are you most proud of from your CAP experience?
I am most proud of being able to sit on stage during my graduation. Hearing my name called for The Megan Simpson Award is a memory I’d hope to always remember. Seeing my mother cry happy tears when being awarded will forever make me proud.
What is your favorite memory from CAP?
My favorite memory from CAP is my homeroom being known as “husky 13”. It was something about Husky 13 only a few understood. We were a family; we cared for one another. To my fellow Husky 13s, I hope life is treating you well.
Any additional information you would like to share. Tell us!
To the current students at CAP, I know you won’t understand it now but CAP means well. The teachers care and support you. Good luck !
Danielle Carter and her CAP Legacies. 
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