Rising Senior Checklist

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  • Study for the SAT at satpractice.org
  • Last day to take the SAT before
    school starts is August 26th
  • Last day to register for the August
    26th SAT is August 15th!
  • Visit Colleges!
  • Decide which colleges you want to
    apply to: include schools that you
    believe would accept you, as well as
    some schools that may be a reach
  • If you haven't already, complete
    and/or revise your college essay


  • Decide if you will apply to your top-
    choice school through early decision (binding - MUST attend the college)
    Decide if you will apply to colleges
    though early action (non-binding -
    Receive an early response to your
    application. Can reject or accept offer
    Complete the Common App
  • If you haven't already, ask your teachers
    for letters of recommendation
  • Submit your transcript requests, ONLY
    if you have submitted your college
  • Sign up for our Financial Aid Night on
    September 13th to receive grants,
    scholarships and loans to attend college


  • The application (FAFSA) to receive
    money to attend college (grants,
    scholarships, and loans) opens on
    October 1st
  • If you haven't already, remember to
    complete the Common App to send
    to your top choice colleges
  • Check in with your teachers to see if
    they have completed and submitted
    your letters of recommendation


  • Complete and submit your college
    applications by November 1st to be
    considered for Early Decision/Early
  • If you haven't already, remember to
    send your transcript requests,
    ONLY if you have submitted your
  • In January, after the 2nd quarter,
    make sure to request your mid-year
    report to send to colleges