Innovator Steve the Legacy visits CAP

STLSteve the Legacy with student, 5th grader Daniel Jenkins.
On Wednesday, February 15th Steven Stotts also known as 'Steve the Legacy' visited our 5th, 6th and 7th grade students. Stotts has created multiple inventions within the years such as, the Ring of Wander, Board games, 2N1 Card Game and more. 
Steve shared his story of his background growing up in the Olney section of Philadelphia. What inspired him for his first invention was his daughter Layla. The duo created the board game "Dictionary Daddy" during the pandemic. Throughout the hardships, Stotts continued to push for his dreams in entrepreneurship.CAP
"After the game, Jalen Hurts said ' You either win or you learn," ' stated Steve.
Since then Steve has create multiple pieces and has written books/magazines. Steve the Legacy also created "Black Innovation Magazine" where he highlights Innovators from all over the nation. 
If you would like to check our Steve the Legacy and his work please visit