A Trip to the Philadelphia Outward Bound School

On Friday, September 16, 2022 a group of sixth grade students along with CAP educators, Mrs.Toughill, Ms. Kiel and Mr. O’Hanlon spent their day at the Philadelphia Outward Bound School. Throughout this trip the students were split into groups to participate in team building games and activities. 

The Outward Bound program also focuses on physical activities to help students step out of their comfort zones and to challenge their skills. Our students participated in unique obstacle courses, rope climbing and ziplining. OB

“It was exciting to see students outside of the classroom environment completing tasks, strategizing as a team, and building relationships,” says Toughhill.

The Outward Bound program impacted not only the students, but the educators who were able to participate in the program. 

 “As an educator, I learned different strategies to encourage students to work together and trust each other,” said Toughill.


OBThroughout the course of the day, our CAP faculty were able to see students become eager about participating in the activities. These outdoor activities not only were for fun and leisure but instilled life skills that our students will use on a daily basis. The students who attended were able to build self confidence, work in teams and practice communication skills. 

“These are important social emotional skills that they will bring back to school and their communities. Furthermore, students experienced the outdoors in a way that many never have before,” stated Toughill.