Celebrating National School Safety Guard Appreciation Week

National School Safety Guard Appreciation week is celebrated September 18th-24th. We at CAP would like to show our appreciation to those who continuously help remain our school community safe. Learn about two of our brave guards here at CAP. tanya


Meet security officer, Tanya Chambers! She has been a part of the CAP Family for four years. In her free time, Chambers loves to craft, dance to old school music and spend quality time with her grandchildren. 


“I love the interactions I have with them and just being supportive to the students,” stated Chambers. 

In the years prior, Chambers spent 8 years in the United States Navy. Now as a CAP security guard Chambers enjoys impacting and helping students in the community.


“I’m a positive role model. I want to show students that you can do something productive in the community,” Chambers said. 


Being a part of our CAP Family for 13 years, Security Captain, School Safety & Security Coordinator Dana Baynes, enjoys that there is something new to learn, teach and observe every day at CAP. dana


“You never know what you’re going to do. It’s always something different that you are learning or experiencing and it’s something you can take home to show someone else,” said Baynes. 


In the years prior to being our Security Captain, Baynes spent 12 years being a local barber. In his spare time, he enjoys dancing and fishing. Aside from enjoying his hobbies, impacting students he works with on a day to day basis is important to him. 


“I want to impact students with focus, education and just lead by example,” stated Baynes. 

Our security guards at CAP have important roles within the school community. We would like to share our appreciation and gratitude to all of the hard work through the years!


 Happy School Safety Appreciation Week!




Writer: Alliyah Maduro

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