Bruin Pride Trait Recognition February 2022

Each month CAP students are selected by faculty and staff by being recognized for demonstrating the Bruin Pride Trait of the month. 
Bruin Pride February 2022

Congratulations to our fellow Bruins!

  • Rylee Hernandez (L-23)
Rylee is always making the right choices and is always willing to help out in the classroom. She is kind and caring friend.
  • Yariel Santiago (L-21) 
Yariel is kind and loves to help others. He is a great friend and is always willing to share!
  • Alina Arroyo (H-03)
Alina is always sweet, kind and helpful to her classmates
  • Natalia Ortiz  (L-20)
Natalia is always kind and helpful to her classmates.
  • Ethan Mateo (L-19)
Ethan is kind, willing to take turns and share. He often helps his friends and teachers!
  • Isabella Garcia (L-18) 
Isabella is kind and loving to her classmates. She treats her classmates with respect and is a fair and loving friend to all.
  • Omillio Cruz (L-17)
  • Alina Hernandez (L-16)
Alina is always willing to help others & treats others equally with kindness and respect.
  • Gadiel Vega Soto (L15)
Gadiel is a kind friend to alll. He always treats others respectfully and fairly.
  • Keniel Yunes (L-13)
Keniel treats everyone equally with kindness and respect. Keep up the hard work!
  • Valeria Suarez (L-14) 
Valeria works hard everyday in class. She is always prepared and often takes time to help others.
  • Siani Guzman (M-25)
Siani treats all her classmates fairly and with respect. She is kind to others, and always willing to lend a hand.
  • Mason Sanchez & Iris Sarante Lopez (M-24)
Mason and Iris are growing in fairness. They are learning to treat others with respect and kindness, and growing to appreciate the importance of sharing, fighting for others, and being honest. M24 values having them in class.
  • Arjenis Contreras (M-23)
Izayden completes all assignments even when he is absent. He works hard in every class and always does his best. Keep up the great work!
  • Ethan Ortiz (M-22)
Ethan is kind and sweet towards others. He treats others fairly and shows them kindness and respect.
  • Angeliz Aponte (M-32)
Angeliz is a very candid and honest student. I can always look to Angeliz to get a direct response on topics or issues in the classroom. She treats students and teachers with respect. Angeliz is great example of Fairness in a CAP student.
  • Nathan Arroyo (M-17)
Nathan is honest and kind to others. He demonstrates fairness by being tolerant and empathetic to his classmates. Nathan is a hardworker who contributes to the classroom in many ways.
  • Nathan Gonzalez (M-13) 
Nathan demonstrates evidence of fairness in all aspects of his day. Nathan listens attentively to other people's points of view. He is fair-minded and makes impartial judgments. Nathan also lifts others up and is genuinely happy for their success. We are fortunate to have Nathan as a member of our CAP family.
  • Isabel Salazar (M-15)
Isabel is a genuine and fair student, who is willing to stand for their principles and ideals when necessary. This dedication to their values makes them a consistent and reliable student in our homeroom.
  • Heriberto Flores (101E)
Heriberto treats all classmates fairly. He shows them kindness & respect.