Bruin Pride Trait Recognition January 2022

Each month CAP students are selected by faculty and staff by being recognized for demonstrating the Bruin Pride Trait of the month. 
Congratulations to our fellow Bruins!
  • Zandria Torres (L-23)
Zandria comes in ready to learn each day. She works hard during each and every lesson and always tries her very best. Keep up the good work!
  • Emily Tang (L-21) 
Emily is always ready for class. Get gets all her work done and is always following directions! Keep up the good work!
  • Alani Guzman (H-03)
Alani puts a great effort into all her work. She's always ready to learn. Keep up the hard work!
  • Kaidan Rodriguez (L-20)
Kaidan works very hard each day. He is always ready to learn and participate!
  • Arianalis Reyes (L-18) 
Arianalis works hard every day. She puts great effort in all she does and her hard work is paying off. Keep up the great work, Arianalis !
  • Ruth Moore (L-19)
Ruth is a hard worker and always give every task her very best! Keep up the great work, Ruth!
  • Arnelis Suarez (L15)
Arenlis works hard in every class. She never rushes through an assignment and always tries her best.
  • Ella Tang (L-13)
Ella puts great effort into all of her classwork throughout all subject areas. She is always ready to accept a challenge. Keep up the hard work!
  • Lucas Montier (L-14) 
Lucas always goes above and beyond in all his classes. Lucas acts as a role model for classmates.
  • Peyton Norris (M-25)
Peyton puts a lot of effort into all of her classes. She is a hard worker and strives to be the best. Keep up the good work!
  • Zahir Carneygay (M-24)
Zahir tries his best in all things. He sets an excellent example of what it means to be a young scholar. Dilgent, hard working, kind and loving. Keep up the great job!
  • Izayden Silva (M-23)
Izayden completes all assignments even when he is absent. He works hard in every class and always does his best. Keep up the great work!
  • Delvin Urrutia (M-22)
Delvin is a hard worker and never gives up. He is patient and kind. Also, he has an excellent singing voice!
  • Larissa Beaubrun (M-19) 
Larissa is a great example of EXCELLENCE. Larissa came to CAP just a year ago, speaking only French. She works hard learning English. Larissa takes pride in all of her work, she is always in her school uniform, she comes to school each day and puts forth a lot of effort in every class. Larissa is a great role model and M19 is happy to have her showing us the Bruin Pride Trait of Excellence.
  • Jayden Acosta (M-32)
Jayden is a student that displays excellence. Jayden completes his work on time and at an high level. Jayden often engages in classroom discussion trying to refine his understanding of the content. Jayden demonstrates the excellence we expect to see in all CAP students.
  • Jayleannie Cartegena Zayas (M-17)
Jayleannie is an excellent student. She is a hard worker who always comes to class prepared to learn. She is fair and kind in all of interactions. Jayleannie is a great example of the Bruin Pride Trait of Excellence.
  • Christopher Lewis (M-13) 
Christopher demonstrates excellence in his ability to perform, achieve, and or excel in scholastic activities. Christopher conveys commitment to learning through demonstrated effort in, and enthusiasm for the learning process. Christopher possesses an attitude of excellence in social responsibility and an understanding of cultural and intellectual differences. He demonstrates the qualities of persistence and leadership.
  • Jael Valdez (105)
Jael is a very hard worker who is excited to learn every day. He always puts forth his greatest effort and is always willing to help his classmates learn. Keep up the great work, Jael!