Bruin Pride Trait Recognition 11/2021

Each month CAP students are selected by faculty and staff by being recognized for demonstrating the Bruin Pride Trait of the month. 
  • Shesia Ortiz (L-23)
    Shesia is always making good choices. She is a great role model for our class.
  • Alieen Valerio DeJesus (L-21) 
   Aileen is an awesome listener. She makes good choices and is a great role model to her peers.
  • Julie Lim (L-20)
    Always doing what she's supposed to do. Sets great examples for her classmates!
  • Nathan Franco (L-18)
              Nathan sets a good example for his classmates. He makes good choices, even when no one is watching.
  • Bobble-Hailey Davis (L-17)
             Bobbie-Hailey is an excellent role model for her classmates and demonstrates integrity each day.
  • Jordan Wimberly (L-19)
            Jordan makes wonderful choices and is a great role model.
  • Alitza Alvarez (L-15)
          Alitza (A-lit-za) always is doing what she's supposed to do and is an excellent role model for all students to follow. Thank you for demonstrating integrity, all day, everyday
  • Roberto Colon (L-13)
        Roberto is always setting a good example for others even when no one is watching. Keep up the hard work!
  • Bella Rivera-Martinez (L-16)
      Bella is a model student. She sets a great example for her classmates and always makes good choices. Keep up the great work!
  • Raul Rodriguez Meza (L-14)
    Raul always gives his best effort. He always helps and supports his classmates. He continually makes good choices day in and day out and he always shows up to school with a positive attitude.
  • Londen Smith (M-25)
  Londen sets a good example for her classmates. She is always making good choices and is willing to help anyone.
  • Marlyn Monegro-Torres (M-24)
Marlyn is respectful, hard working, responsible and trustworthy. She sets an excellent example for her fellow scholars. Marlyn you should be proud of yourself!
  • Ivan Ortiz-Melendez (M-23)
Ivan always sets a good example for other students. He takes on responsibilities in the classroom and always offers to help. He is a great example for others to follow. Keep up the good work Ivan!
  • Mason Gonzalez (M-22)
Mason always gives his best effort in everything he does! He is always willing to lend a helping hand. He tries his best to always to make choices.
  • Nayla Almazan (M-21)
Nayla always gives her best effort. She's constantly setting a great example for everyone around her.
  • Jacob Castenada (M-19)
Jacob follows all classroom and school expectations, even when no one is specifically keeping an eye on him. He is a great example for his peers in sixth grade.
  • Juan Tavarez (M-32)
Juan is a responsible student that works hard and is an example to others around him. He is reliable student that complete a task that is asked of him without worry. Juan is a great example of what a CAP student should be.
  • Ameli Jaquez (M-13)
Ameli values other people by showing them respect. She consistently takes responsibility and accountability for her actions She demonstrates reliability and trustworthiness. Ameli has strong moral principles and values. We are lucky to have her as a member of our CAP family.
  • Vina Tran (101 E)
Vina is always honest and reminds her classmates to follow class rules. She is a excellent role model.