Bruin Pride Trait Recognition 12/2021

Bruin Pride
Each month CAP students are selected by faculty and staff by being recognized for demonstrating the Bruin Pride Trait of the month. 
Congratulations to our fellow Bruins!
  •  James Lim (L-23)
James is always doing his best in the classroom. He works hard day in and day out. Keep up the good work James!
  • Madison Alvarez (L-21) 
Madison always comes into class ready to learn. She works hard in the classroom and is always trying her best!
  • Adriana Jorge (H-03)
Adriana is a great example of determination. She's a very hard worker and never gives up even if things are new or difficult. Keep up the great work Adriana!
  • Shawn McClain (L-20)
Always trying his best! He works hard in every class. Keep up the great work!
  • Amyra Hall (L-18)
Amyra works hard. She keeps at it until she completes her task. She is a good role model for her classmates.
  • Scarlett Rodriguez Cruz (L-17)
Scarlett works hard to complete her classwork, especially in math class. Keep up the good work Scarlett!
  • Alianys Morales Reyes (L-15)
Alianys never gives up and keeps trying especially when things are difficult. She works hard every day, in every class.
  • Miguel Medina (L-23)
Miguel exemplifies determination. He sets high expectations for his classmates to follow. He puts forth much effort academically and is a great role model. Keep up the hard work!
  • Jemiel Perez (L-16) 
Jemiel is a super, hard-worker! He never gives up, even when things get hard. Keep up the great work, Jemiel!
  • Gabriel Cintron (L-14) 
Gabe is a great role model for his classmates. He always sets a great example for his classmates and always makes good choices. He consistently goes above and beyond to help others.
  • Aden Kent (M-24)
Aden has a desire and motivation to be successful inside and outside the classroom. When he sets his mind on a goal or task he completes it. Aden your unrelenting pursuit for excellence is commendable and worthy of imitation. Congrats on achieving and reaching your goal of attaining honors. M24 is very proud of you!
  • Lynn Dinh (M-23)
Lynn is a hard worker who never gives up. She always completes her assignments and strives for excellence. Keep up the great work!
  • Julianie Marrero (M-22)
Julianie has improved so much in her reading! She looks back into the text to help her answer questions. She is a delight.
  • Xavier Gonzalez (M-21)
Xavier has a desire to do the best that he can. He stays focused, and puts hard work into every assignment or activity he is a part of. He encourages others, and is always looking for ways to improve or help.
  •  Edwin Espinol Cruz (M-19)
Edwin is a great example of determination. Edwin puts 110% effort into whatever he does. He uses productive struggle to solve difficult math problems and tries many different ways to get his answer. M19 is lucky to have a student like Edwin who exudes determination everyday.
  •  Elyani Cruz (M-32)
Elyani works very hard in class to complete her work on time and participate in class discussions. She shows determination by working extra hard to stay focused even if other students are off task. Elyani is a great example of a CAP student with determination.
  • Amy Tang (M-13)
Amy possesses the quality of determination. Amy often continues trying to do something even when it appears to be difficult. This powerful personal character trait is demonstrated when Amy decides to do something she will not let anything stop her. Amy is goal-directed and self-regulated; she has the resolution to overcome obstacles. We are lucky to have Amy as a member of our CAP family