High School Division at CAP


Faculty Members


Alberta O'Brien                                                                             aobrien@communityacademy.org

Principal and Deputy CEO for School Operations

Gwynedd Mercy University, EdD

Saint Joseph's University, MS

Temple University, BSME

Anthony Richichi                                                                          arichichi@communityacademy.org

High School Vice-Principal for Academics / STEAM Department Head

Arcadia University, MAED

West Chester University, BSED

Jaclyn Smith-Spade                                                                          jsmith@communityacademy.org


High School Vice-Principal / Art, English, Languages, Humanities, History and Social Studies Department Head

Saint Joseph's University, MSEd

Saint Joseph's University, BA

Julia Jimenez                                                                                   jjimenez@communityacademy.org


Dean of Students

Discipline, Student Climate, and Safety

Penn State University, MS

Chestnut Hill College, BS

CHS Alumna

Cassandra McLaughlin                                                  cmclaughlin@communityacademy.org


          Special Education Supervisor
          St. Joseph's University, MS

          Villanova University, BA

Laura Cristella                                                                               lcristella@communityacademy.org


           Director of College, Career, and Guidance Services

Temple University, MED

University of Pittsburgh, BS

Lisa Joel                                                                                                  ljoel@communityacademy.org

                                                                                                                          215-533-6700   EXT 1501               High School Secretary                                                                                            

McCarrie School of Health & Technology, AS

Upper School Staff & Teachers

James Barnshaw                                                                      jbarnshaw@communityacademy.org


           High School History Teacher & Athletic Administrator

Temple University, M.Ed.

Dickinson College, BA

Elizabeth Birkhead                                                                    ebirkhead@communityacademy.org

High School Art Teacher

Temple University, BS

Gina Bittinger                                                                            gbittinger@communityacademy.org

High School Literature Teacher

Saint Joseph's University, MSED

Amber Buck                                                                                      abuck@communityacademy.org                                                                                 

High School ELA Teacher

La Salle University, BA

CAPCS Alumna

Nicholas Burke                                                                                nburke@communityacademy.org

High School Math Teacher

Messiah College, BA

Eric Caputo                                                                                      ecaputo@communityacademy.org

High School Health and Physical Education Teacher

Slippery Rock University, BS

Luis Castro                                                                                       lcastro@communityacademy.org

Student Climate Center Supervisor

Community College of Philadelphia, AA

Allison Cepis                                                                                   acepis@communityacademy.org

High School English and Literature Teacher

Saint Joseph's University, MS

Rosemont College, BA

Allyson Coughlin                                                                    acoughlin@communityacademy.org


High School English Teacher

Saint Joseph's University, MS

Rutgers University, BA

John Dannaway                                                                    jdannaway@communityacademy.org

High School Math Teacher

Western Governors University, MA

West Chester University, BSED

Kelly Dolan                                                                                     kdolan@communityacademy.org

High School Music Teacher

Temple University, MMUS

Moravian College, BMUS

Maureen Cooper Eddy                                                              meddy@communityacademy.org

Special Education Supervisor

Holy Family University, MS

Cabrini College, BSEd

Emily Everett                                                        eeverett@communityacademy.org

          Intervention Specialist Resource Teacher
          Gwynedd Mercy University, BS


Jennifer Ferris                                                                                jferris@communityacademy.org

High School History Teacher

University of Delaware, M.A.

University of Delaware, B.A.

Rohynn Gallagher                                                                 rgallagher@communityacademy.org

High School Math Teacher

Western Governors University, MA

Pennsylvania State University, BS


Haydee Gonzalez                                                                   hgonzalez@communityacademy.org

Title 1 Paraprofessional

Community College of Philadelphia

Heather Janik                                                                                 hjanik@communityacademy.org

High School Chemistry and Computer Programming Teacher

Saint Joseph's University, MS

University of the Sciences Philadelphia, BS

Kim Jetter-Henson                                                          khenson@communityacademy.org


Deputy CAO and Upper School Reading Specialist

Saint Joseph's University, MS

Chestnut Hill College, BS

Bryan Kerr                                                                                         bkerr@communityacademy.org

High School Building Substitute Teacher

Hanover College, BA


Cyrus Knower                                                                            cknower@communityacademy.org

High School History Teacher

Temple University MED

Temple University, BA

Robert LeConey                                                                        rleconey@communityacademy.org

High School Biology/Anatomy & Physiology Teacher

West Chester University, BSED

Andrew Lomonico                                                               alomonico@communityacademy.org

           High School Science Teacher

Rutgers University, BS

Mar'Quice London                                                               mlondon@communityacademy.org

           High School Building Sub

West Chester University, BS

Roger Matzke                                                                             rmatzke@communityacademy.org


           High School Math Teacher

Arcadia University, M.A.

Alfred University, B.S

Farrad  McLaughlin                                                           fmclaughlin@communityacademy.org

           Special Education Teacher

Cabrini University, M.S.L.

Indiana University of PA, B.S.

Elizabeth McCluskey                                                         emccluskey@communityacademy.org

CAO & AP English Teacher

Gwynedd Mercy University, EdD

Saint Joseph’s University, MS

Rosemont College, BA

John Mostak                                                                               jmostak@communityacademy.org

           Special Education Support

Villanova University, MA

DeSales University, BA

Ashley Natoli                                                                      anatoli@communityacademy.org


High School Spanish & AP Spanish Teacher

Ursinus College, BA

Joseph H. Proietta                                                                    jproietta@communityacademy.org

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

and English/Experiential Learning Program Teacher

Temple University, EDM

La Salle University, BA

Giovanni Ramos                                                                         gramos@communityacademy.org


Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students

CAPCS Alumnus

Kathleen Randles                                                                    krandles@communityacademy.org

High School Reading Specialist

Holy Family University, EDM

Holy Family University, BA

Ryan Rank                                                                 rrank@communityacademy.org

          Special Education Teacher (10th)

          Gratz College, MS

          Holy Family, BA

Lisette Rivera                                                                                 lrivera@communityacademy.org

Licensed Clinical Counselor

La Salle University, MA

La Salle University, BA

Danielle Robinson                                            drobinson@communityacademy.org


          Special Education Paraprofessional
          Springfield College of Human Services, MS

Christine Rojewski                                                                 crojewski@communityacademy.org

High School ESL Teacher

Cabrini College, MED

Arizona State University, BSed

Sara Smith-Gallagher                                                                ssmith@communityacademy.org

High School AP Biology and Environmental Science Teacher

University of Pennsylvania, MS

University of Pittsburgh, BS

Michael Termini                                                                      mtermini@communityacademy.org

High School History Teacher

Immaculata University, MA

Penn State University, BA

Souhila Toumi                                                                               stoumi@communityacademy.org


High School Math Teacher

University of Blida, Masters- Applied Mathematics

University of Blida, Bachelors - Secondary Education

Danielle Vanderwoude                                             dvanderwoude@communityacademy.org                                       

High School English Teacher

La Salle University, MAED

La Salle University, BA

Sonia Vazquez                                                                         svazquez@communityacademy.org

High School Writing Teacher

Saint Joseph's University, MA

Boston College, BA

Joshua Wagner                                                                           jwagner@communityacademy.org

High School American History Teacher

Saint Joseph’s University, MS

Pennsylvania University, BS

Lovinda Weaver                                                   lweaver@communityacademy.org

          ESL Teacher

          La Salle University, M.Ed

          Point Park College, BA

Bridgette Whitermore                                                  bwhitermore@communityacademy.org

Certified Athletic Trainer

West Chester University, BS

Zara Wilcox                                                                                    zwilcox@communityacademy.org

High School Foreign Language Teacher

University of New Orleans, BA


Samuel Wilson                                                                            swilson@communityacademy.org

High School Physical Science and Physics Teacher

West Chester University, BS

Mollie Wraga                                                                            mwraga@communityacademy.org

High School School Counselor

University of Pennsylvania, M. Phil. ED

University of Pennsylvania, M.S.ED

Rutgers University, BA

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