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High School Division at CAP


Faculty Members


Alberta O'Brien                                                                   

Principal and Deputy CEO for School Operations

Gwynedd Mercy University, EdD

Saint Joseph's University, MS

Temple University, BSME

Anthony Richichi                                                                

High School Vice-Principal for Academics / STEAM Department Head

Arcadia University, MAED

West Chester University, BSED

Jaclyn Smith-Spade                                                                


High School Vice-Principal / Art, English, Languages, Humanities, History and Social Studies Department Head

Saint Joseph's University, MSEd

Saint Joseph's University, BA

Julia Jimenez                                                                         


Dean of Students

Discipline, Student Climate, and Safety

Penn State University, MS

Chestnut Hill College, BS

CHS Alumna

Cassandra McLaughlin                                        


          Special Education Supervisor
          St. Joseph's University, MS

          Villanova University, BA

Laura Cristella                                                                     


           Director of College, Career, and Guidance Services

Temple University, MED

University of Pittsburgh, BS

Lisa Joel                                                                                        

                                                                                                                          215-533-6700   EXT 1501               High School Secretary                                                                                            

McCarrie School of Health & Technology, AS

Upper School Staff & Teachers

James Barnshaw                                                            


           High School History Teacher & Athletic Administrator

Temple University, M.Ed.

Dickinson College, BA

Elizabeth Birkhead                                                          

High School Art Teacher

Temple University, BS

Gina Bittinger                                                                  

High School Literature Teacher

Saint Joseph's University, MSED

Amber Buck                                                                                                                                                             

High School ELA Teacher

La Salle University, BA

CAPCS Alumna

Nicholas Burke                                                                      

High School Math Teacher

Messiah College, BA

Eric Caputo                                                                            

High School Health and Physical Education Teacher

Slippery Rock University, BS

Luis Castro                                                                             

Student Climate Center Supervisor

Community College of Philadelphia, AA

Allison Cepis                                                                         

High School English and Literature Teacher

Saint Joseph's University, MS

Rosemont College, BA

Allyson Coughlin                                                          


High School English Teacher

Saint Joseph's University, MS

Rutgers University, BA

John Dannaway                                                          

High School Math Teacher

Western Governors University, MA

West Chester University, BSED

Kelly Dolan                                                                           

High School Music Teacher

Temple University, MMUS

Moravian College, BMUS

Maureen Cooper Eddy                                                    

Special Education Supervisor

Holy Family University, MS

Cabrini College, BSEd

Emily Everett                                              

          Intervention Specialist Resource Teacher
          Gwynedd Mercy University, BS


Jennifer Ferris                                                                      

High School History Teacher

University of Delaware, M.A.

University of Delaware, B.A.

Rohynn Gallagher                                                       

High School Math Teacher

Western Governors University, MA

Pennsylvania State University, BS


Haydee Gonzalez                                                         

Title 1 Paraprofessional

Community College of Philadelphia

Heather Janik                                                                       

High School Chemistry and Computer Programming Teacher

Saint Joseph's University, MS

University of the Sciences Philadelphia, BS

Kim Jetter-Henson                                                


Deputy CAO and Upper School Reading Specialist

Saint Joseph's University, MS

Chestnut Hill College, BS

Bryan Kerr                                                                               

High School Building Substitute Teacher

Hanover College, BA


Cyrus Knower                                                                  

High School History Teacher

Temple University MED

Temple University, BA

Robert LeConey                                                              

High School Biology/Anatomy & Physiology Teacher

West Chester University, BSED

Andrew Lomonico                                                     

           High School Science Teacher

           Rutgers University, BS

Roger Matzke                                                                   


           High School Math Teacher

Arcadia University, M.A.

Alfred University, B.S

Farrad  McLaughlin                                                 

           Special Education Teacher

Cabrini University, M.S.L.

Indiana University of PA, B.S.

Elizabeth McCluskey                                               

CAO & AP English Teacher

Gwynedd Mercy University, EdD

Saint Joseph’s University, MS

Rosemont College, BA

John Mostak                                                                     

           Special Education Support

Villanova University, MA

DeSales University, BA

Ashley Natoli                                                            


High School Spanish & AP Spanish Teacher

Ursinus College, BA

Joseph H. Proietta                                                          

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

and English/Experiential Learning Program Teacher

Temple University, EDM

La Salle University, BA

Giovanni Ramos                                                               


Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students

CAPCS Alumnus

Kathleen Randles                                                          

High School Reading Specialist

Holy Family University, EDM

Holy Family University, BA

Ryan Rank                                                       

          Special Education Teacher (10th)

          Gratz College, MS

          Holy Family, BA

Lisette Rivera                                                                       

Licensed Clinical Counselor

La Salle University, MA

La Salle University, BA

Danielle Robinson                                  


          Special Education Paraprofessional
          Springfield College of Human Services, MS

Christine Rojewski                                                       

High School ESL Teacher

Cabrini College, MED

Arizona State University, BSed

Sara Smith-Gallagher                                                      

High School AP Biology and Environmental Science Teacher

University of Pennsylvania, MS

University of Pittsburgh, BS

Michael Termini                                                            

High School History Teacher

Immaculata University, MA

Penn State University, BA

Souhila Toumi                                                                     


High School Math Teacher

University of Blida, Masters- Applied Mathematics

University of Blida, Bachelors - Secondary Education

Danielle Vanderwoude                                                                          

High School English Teacher

La Salle University, MAED

La Salle University, BA

Sonia Vazquez                                                               

High School Writing Teacher

Saint Joseph's University, MA

Boston College, BA

Joshua Wagner                                                                 

High School American History Teacher

Saint Joseph’s University, MS

Pennsylvania University, BS

Lovinda Weaver                                         

          ESL Teacher

          La Salle University, M.Ed

          Point Park College, BA

Bridgette Whitermore                                        

Certified Athletic Trainer

West Chester University, BS

Zara Wilcox                                                                          

High School Foreign Language Teacher

University of New Orleans, BA


Samuel Wilson                                                                  

High School Physical Science and Physics Teacher

West Chester University, BS

Mollie Wraga                                                                  

High School School Counselor

University of Pennsylvania, M. Phil. ED

University of Pennsylvania, M.S.ED

Rutgers University, BA