Our Staff

Special Education Department

Cassandra McLaughlin                                    cmclaughlin@communityacademy.org

Special Education Supervisor                                                  215-533-6700 EXT 1214
St. Joseph's University, MS

Villanova University, BA

Maureen Cooper Eddy                                       meddy@communityacademy.org

Special Education Assistant Supervisor
Holy Family University, MS
Cabrini College, BSEd
TESL Certification

Danielle Ennis                                                         dennis@communityacademy.org

Cabrini College, MED
Cabrini College, BSEd

Special Education Staff

Yesenia Beltram                                                   ybeltram@communityacademy.org

Special Services Coordinator

Eric Blakemore                                                 eblakemore@communityacademy.org

Special Education Teacher
Cabrini, MED
Capital University, BA

Gardeliz Centeno                                                  gcenteno@communityacademy.org

Cabrini University, BA
CAP Alumna

Shannon Ditchkofsky                                    sditchkofsky@communityacademy.org

Special Education Coordinator
Holy Family University, MED
Holy Family University, BA
Special Education Certification
Middle School Math Certification

Emily Everett                                                        eeverett@communityacademy.org

Intervention Specialist Resource Teacher (9th)
Gwynedd Mercy University, BS

Grace Kim                                                                  gkim@communityacademy.org

Intervention Specialist Resource Teacher
Gwynedd Mercy University, BS

Ryan McAuley                                                     rmcauley@communityacademy.org

Special Education Teacher
Holy Family University, M.Ed

Pennsylvania State University, BS

Stephanie Jean Quinn                                              squinn@communityacademy.org

Special Education Coordinator
Cabrini College, BSEd

Ryan Rank                                                                 rrank@communityacademy.org

Special Education Teacher (10th)

Gratz College, MS

Holy Family, BA

Maire Brandenburg                                     mbrandenburg@communityacademy.org

Special Education Teacher

CUNY Lehman, MS
SUNY Albany, BS

Danielle Robinson                                         drobinson@communityacademy.org

Special Education Paraprofessional
Springfield College of Human Services, BS

Jessica Schwalm                                                  jschwalm@communityacademy.org

Special Education Teacher (5th & 6th)
West Chester, BS

Sara Soll                                                                                         ssoll@communityacademy.org

Special Education Teacher (11th)

Saint Mary College, BA

Bridgette Wise                                                         bwise@communityacademy.org

Special Education Teacher (7th & 8th)

Holy Family University, BA


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Special Education

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After School Services

Katie Tausendfreundt                                   ktausendfreundt@communityacademy.org   


CAP Alumna

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