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English As a Second Language

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English Language Development Program: Parental Waiver Form

Programa Para el Aprendizaje Progresivo de Inglés: Formulario de Renuncia de los padres

English  ~ ~ ~ Spanish ~ ~ ~ Arabic ~ ~ ~ Vietnamese


English Learner Program Placement

Colocacion en el Programa Para Alumnos de Inglés

English ~ ~ ~ Spanish ~ ~ ~ Arabic ~ ~ ~ Vietnamese


Determination of Student Eligibility for Program Placement

Determinacion de Elegibilidad del/la alumno(a) Para su Colocacion en el Programa

English ~ ~ ~ Spanish ~ ~ ~ Arabic ~ ~ ~ Vietnamese

Description of Programs

Descripcion de los Programas

English ~ ~ ~ Spanish ~ ~ ~ Arabic ~ ~ ~ Vietnamese


Student and Family Instructional Resources


Vocabulary and Comprehension
Rewordify  Simplifies online texts for easier readability. 
ESOL Help Picture Dictionary  Basic words defined by images
Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary Online  15 themes, more than 6,000 words

(please also attach the three attachments that are pdfs under this section)



Writing and Spelling Resources

Grammarly  Spelling and grammar checker for online writing.
EasyBib  Free bibliography/works cited tool.

Mindmup  Free online mind mapping for writing organization


Resources for Families

Colorin Colorado resources to help your children at home.

Podcasts in English listen to podcasts in English to improve conversation skills.