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Registration/Enrollment Process

1. Once a slot in a grade is available, the Admissions and Data Entry Specialist notifies the applicants on the waiting list by lottery-selected order, to proceed with the registration/enrollment process.


2. Upon submitting the required student documents, the Admissions and Data Entry Specialist instructs parent to complete all paperwork.


3. While the parent is completing the enrollment paperwork the Admissions and Data Entry Specialist reviews all student documents received from the parent and verifies that the person present is in fact the parent or legal guardian.

4. Required student documents are as follows:

             a. Proof of child’s age

             b. Immunizations required by law

             c. Proof of residency

             d. Parent Registration Statement

             e. Home Language Survey


5. The following items may be helpful for enrollment but are not required:

            a. Health or Physical Examination information

            b. Academic Records

            c. Attendance Records

           d. Individualized Education Program, if applicable, and any other Special Education documents

          e. Any other records the parent wishes to provide to the school


6. Admissions and Data Entry Specialist will give the nurse or designee a copy of the immunization records to review and verify that immunizations are up-to-date.


7. If immunizations are not up-to-date, the nurse or designee will give the parent a missing immunization letter informing them of which immunizations the student is missing.


8. Once parent has completed the enrollment paperwork, the Admissions and Data Entry Specialist will review all paperwork to ensure it is complete.


9. If student is enrolled for the upcoming school year, the Admissions and Data Entry Specialist  will provide any necessary document such as School Calendar, Summer Reading list (for High School Students) and uniform list to the parent/student.


10. The Admissions and Data Entry Specialist informs the guidance counselors of all new high school students for scheduling purposes.


11. If the student enrolls during the school year, the Admissions and Data Entry Specialist will provide the parent/student with a School Calendar, Uniform List, Contact Sheet, and inform parent of the student’s start date. The discipline office will provide new High School students with a student handbook, student ID card, year pin and flag pin. Students in grades 5th-8th will receive a student ID from the Director of Student Records.