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Reading Services



The Reading Department at Community Academy of Philadelphia works with students who need additional support in all areas of literacy. We provide professional instruction, assessment, and leadership for CAP's reading program.


The Reading Specialists assess the reading strengths and needs of students and provide that information to classroom teachers, parents, and specialized personnel, in order to provide an effective reading program.


The following reading assessments are used at CAP:


DIBELS (grades K-4)


DIBELS = Dynamic Indicators for Basic Early Literacy Skills

  • Administered to all students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

  • Predicts the student's potential success with reading.

  • Measures phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and comprehension.




QRI = Qualitative Reading Inventory

  • Administered to students who are referred to the Reading Department.

  • Measures student's word recognition, comprehension, and fluency.

  • Determines student's reading levels.


Additional responsibilities of the Reading Specialists may include:

  • Small group instruction

  • Whole group instruction

  • ELA intervention groups

  • Classroom observations

  • Teacher Professional Development

  • Collaborate with the Special Education Department in development of IEPS (Individualized Education Plans)

  • Provide support to classroom teachers