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PA Right to Know (RTK) Act Information

The Community Academy of Philadelphia, CS, will provide all public information in a timely manner in accordance with the PA Right to Know Act (RTK). This page is designed to help you in exercising your right to know as a convenience, and we try our best to place the most up-to-date and accurate information, as possible; however, the documents accumulated on this page have been posted by staff and may not be the most accurate or up-to-date. If you require such legal accuracy, please make a RTK request. Most records are covered by the Act; however, the RTK does exclude some 30 pieces of personal information, such as social security numbers, birth dates, etc.; if a document contains these pieces of information, they will be redacted (blacked out). Also, a Commonwealth Court judge has stayed the release of the home addresses and phone numbers of all school employees for their safety (see notice in "Quick Links" below). All student information is covered by federal law, which supersedes state law; therefore, student records and information are covered under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), 20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99. , and some medical records are covered under HIPPA.

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FERPA Notification.
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 FERPA forms.

ESSA Federal Report

ESSA Federal Report - Click Here

Public Information (Free Downloads)

Comprehensive Plan 2018-2021 (Letter)

Federal Maintenance of Effort 2017 - Approval for 2018-19

PDE IDEA Compliance Letter - 2019

Negative Lead Test Result for CAP Building - 2019

Lead Test Result


Title IX & Title X Policy

Title IX & Title X Policy Information

Title IX Common Definitions

Title IX Complaint Form


ARRA "The Stimulus Act" of 2009

Title I Funds (PDF 94KB) Posted 09/19/11

ARRA Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) Funds (PDF 225KB) Posted 9/28/10


Athletic Disclosure Form

Interscholastic Athletic Opportunities Disclosure Form 5.1 - 2012-2013


IRS Forms 990

Form 990 FY 2018

Form 990 FY 2017

Form 990 FY 2016

Form 990 FY 2015 - (PDF, 824KB)

Form 990 FY 2014

Form 990 FY 2013 - (PDF, 824KB)

Form 990 FY 2012 - (PDF, 824KB)

Form 990 FY 2011 - (PDF, 5.1MB)

Form 990 FY 2010 - (PDF, 434KB)

Form 990 FY 2009 - (PDF, 3MB)

Form 990 FY 2008 - (PDF, 1.8MB)

Form 990 FY 2007 - (PDF, 1.9MB)


Independent Audits

Independent Audit - FY 2018

Independent Audit - FY 2017

Independent Audit - FY 2016

Independent Audit - FY 2015

Independent Audit - FY 2014

Independent Audit - FY 2013

Independent Audit - FY 2012

Independent Audit - FY 2011

Independent Audit - FY 2010

Independent Audit - FY 2009

Independent Audit - FY 2008

Independent Audit - FY 2007

Independent Audit - FY 2006


Middle State Association Reports

2016 Report


Single Audit Report Compliance Letter

Approved Audit Report - SY 2017

Letter (OMB Circular A-33) FY 2015 

Federal Lunch Program FY 2015 -


Priority and Focus School Monitoring 

SY 2017-18 Monitoring Turnaround Principles


Consolidated Federal Programs Review

SY 2018-2019 - Most Recent 

SY 2017 - Most Recent 5/4/2017

SY 2017-2018 - Most Recent

SY 2017-2018 - Maintenance of Effort


Annual Operating Budgets

FY 2019-20 Operating Budget (PDF)

FY 2018-19 Operating Budget (PDF)

FY 2017-18 Operating Budget (PDF)

FY 2016-17 Operating Budget (PDF)

FY 2015-16 Operating Budget (PDF)

FY 2014-15 Operating Budget (PDF)

FY 2013-14 Operating Budget (PDF)

FY 2012-13 Operating Budget (PDF)

FY 2011-12 Operating Budget (PDF)

FY 2010-11 Operating Budget (PDF)

FY 2009-10 Operating Budget (PDF)


Board of School Directors

Next Board of School Directors Meeting will be on Monday, December 9, 2019 at 4:00pm in the Board Room, 1100 East Erie Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19124

Board Minutes

Board Members


ACT 55 School Directors/ Trustee Training Provider

Approved Letter


Statements of Financial Interest

Statements of Financial Interest CY 2018

Statements of Financial Interest CY 2017

Statements of Financial Interest CY 2016

Statements of Financial Interest CY 2015

Statements of Financial Interest CY 2014

Statements of Financial Interest CY 2013

Statements of Financial Interest CY 2012

Statements of Financial Interest CY 2011

Statements of Financial Interest CY 2010

Statements of Financial Interest CY 2009



CAPCS Bylaws (PDF)



2015 Charter (PDF)

2006 Charter (PDF)


Student Profiles

SY 2017 - 18 (PDF)

SY 2016 - 17 (PDF)

SY 2009 - 10 (PDF)


Recent Notices

Notice form State Regarding Home Addresses of School Employees

Other Information / How to Make an RTK Request

If you need other information covered by the PA Right-to-Know Law from Community Academy of Philadelphia, CS, please contact CAPCS Right to Know Officer/AORO, Kianna Acabeo at Requests for information can also be made by fax at (215) 533-6722; in person at the Erie desk 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on school days and 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday to Thursday during summer hours; or by U.S. Postal Service.

Download the State approved request form

Note: All downloads are free.* The fee for a standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch black and white copy is $0.25 per page. Postage fees will be actual cost. The school will require a prepayment for any request expected to exceed $100.00. Please allow five business days for a response.

If you have any questions regarding the PA Right to Know Law or need more information or wish to appeal a decision of CAPCS, please contact the Office of Open Records at

(717) 346-9903 or An appeal must be submitted to the Office of Open Records within 15 business days of the mailing date of the CAPCS’s response. Appeals should be sent to the Office of Open Records, Commonwealth Keystone Building, 400 North St., 4th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225. They may also be submitted via facsimile to (717) 425-5343 or via email to as a Microsoft Word or PDF attachment.


* Be advised that downloads are free and represent what they state in the title, but may from time-to-time not be fully inclusive of updates, changes, or other documents that might pertain to a particular subject. Please make a RTK request if you require detailed and accurate up-to-date information. This page is provided as a convenience to our community.

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