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Operations At CAP




Facility Maintenance:

Maintaining all areas of the building and campus including:

  • Building repairs and snow removal

  • Maintenance requests and work orders

  • Order and maintain maintenance consumables (cleaners, paper products etc.)

  • Tools and maintenance equipment

  • Energy management and conservation

  • Maintaining the MSDS binder (Material, Safety, Data, Sheets)

  • Inventory (asset) management (except computers)

  • School Safety Committee (Workman’s Comp)

  • Trash / waste / recycling

  • Construction projects

Building Systems Operation:

  • HVAC- (Heating and cooling)

  • Security systems and fire alarm system

  • Toshiba Strata CTX Phone system and voice mail

  • Sound systems, gym and atrium

  • Elevator

  • Keys (Masters and duplicates, records)

  • Lunch program, vendor supervision

  • Waste management (compactor/ dumpsters / recycling)

  • Pest control and plumbing and electrical issues


  • Bus

  • Vehicle reservations (SVANS)


Common area:

  • Atrium

  • Lunchrooms

  • Community Hall


  • Supervision of security officers

  • Campus Security

  • Video surveillance

  • Access card issuance

  • Monitoring and alarm response (Fire and Burglar).



  • Administration of the Federal Lunch Program and Lunch Program vendor.  

IT/ Technology:

  • Supervision of work orders

  • Required maintenance and emergencies handled

Vehicles and parking lot:

  • Maintain and monitor all CAP vehicles

  • Parking lot enforcement

  • Maintaining records, issuing permits

  • Lot patrol and violations