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Understanding the importance of higher education, CAP continues to build a culture where faculty and staff encourage students to seek out post secondary education or job training.  As a result of our growing efforts to create a college going culture, CAP has seen tremendous improvements in our school’s college enrollment rates.  In 2008, the National Student Clearinghouse reported that 46% of CAP’s Class of 2009 students had enrolled in a 2 or 4-year college within the first year after high school.  Seven years later, CAP has increased these numbers by nearly 20% with the Class of 2015 having 65% of students enrolled in college within the first year out of high school. 


In the upcoming school years, CAP continues its efforts to create a college going culture and expects to expand programming among our K-8 students.





 The Guidance Office provides many informative and hands on workshops to assist parents and students with submitting the FAFSA application.  We also provide many incentives throughout the school year to encourage timely completion of the FAFSA and PA State Grant application.


This year’s Class of 2016 students had the highest submission of FAFSA applications on record.  71% of our Class of 2016 students completed their FAFSA applications by July.  With such a high rate of FAFSA submissions, the Class of 2016 also had the highest grant and scholarship award totals on record.   By the time of graduation, the class had already received over $2,000,000 in grants and scholarships from the colleges they planned to enroll in.