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Emotional Support




Consistent with the mission of Community Academy, the Emotional Support Team (EST) is dedicated to

responding to the social and emotional needs of the children who attend our school. EST staff addresses

personal issues that have affected students in a safe, supportive environment. Our goal is to ensure that

students have the most positive and successful school experience possible.


           What We Do


  • Psychiatric Evaluations

  • Prescribe and Monitor Medications

  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Counseling (i.e. Affect Management,

   Social Skills, Grief Support, Teen Parent Support) 

  • Coordinate Outside Services and/or Referrals

  • Provide Consultation for Parents and Teachers

  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution

  • Psychoeducational Testing

  • Provide Staff Development Workshops














Q: What do counselors/therapists do?

     A: Therapists and counselors help clients identify goals and potential solutions to problems, improve communication

     and coping skills, strengthen self-esteem and help promote behavior change and optimal mental health. 

Q: What is the difference between a psychiatrist, counselor/therapist, and social worker?

     A: A psychiatrist can provide therapy, but unlike a counselor or therapist, they can also diagnose and prescribe

     medication. At CAP, our therapists/counselors provide ongoing therapy, and the social workers provide support

     and short term counseling. 

 Q: How do I know when my child needs counseling?

     A: A student may need counseling if he/she becomes overwhelmed with a problem or is experiencing

    emotional distress that may be causing him/her to have difficulty functioning in daily life. A student may need

    counseling after the death of a loved one, witnessing, or falling victim to a violent act(s), family, or relationship


 Q: How is my child referred for EST services?

    A: Students can be referred by a number of sources. Teachers and or administrators that may become concerned

    with a student's behavior in the class can refer that student to EST. Parents can also refer their child for counseling

    services by contacting the counselor for their child's grade. Students can also refer to themselves (or a friend) if they

    want to speak in confidence with a counselor. 

 Q: Do I have to get counseling services from the school?

    A: No, parents can contact their primary doctor or insurance company to obtain a referral for counseling or evaluations. 

 Q: Can parents be present during counseling sessions?

    A: Typically, parents are not included during the sessions, because we do not provide family counseling. 

 Q: Can parents or teachers contact EST to find out what students have disclosed?

   A: Due to confidentiality, we cannot disclose what students share with us unless otherwise stated by law. 

 Q: How do I know if a student needs to be tested for special education?

   A: There are certain developmental milestones that children should reach such as their first word or step.

Delays in development or significant difficulties in learning may indicate a learning disability.


To be sure, parents and teachers should contact Ms.McLaughlin at (215) 533-6700, extension 322. 

American Academy of Pediatrics Articles

Community Academy of Philadelphia, CS Student & Parent Resources

We care about you and want to make sure you have the supports you need to be successful in school and in life. CAP has an in school emotional support team of counselors and social workers ready to assist. You can contact one of them for guidance and support. Still need more? Here are some outside supports in the community that can help:


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.




Crisis Response Center:

Worried you might hurt yourself or someone else?

Philadelphia Children’s Crisis Response Center

3300 Henry Avenue

Falls Center 2, Suite 3N

Philadelphia, PA 19129



Outpatient Mental Health Support:

Feeling sad, nervous or angry and need to talk to someone about it?

PATH                                                               Cora

8220 Castor Avenue                                    8540 Verree Road

Philadelphia, PA 19152                                Philadelphia, PA 19111

215-728-4565                                                215-342-7660


Northeast Treatment Centers                     Warren E Smith Community Mental Health Center

499 North 5th Street, Suite A                      1315 Windrim Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19123                                 Philadelphia, PA 19141

215-408-4944                                                 215-456-2737

Drug and Alcohol Inpatient/Outpatient Support:

Concerned you are becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol?

The Bridge

1100 Adams Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19124



Sexual Abuse or Assault Supports:

Do you have a history of sexual abuse or assault?


1617 JFK Boulevard Suite 800

Philadelphia, PA 19103



LGBTQ Specific Supports

Would you like to be connected to a space that is supportive of LGBTQ Youth?

The Attic Youth Center

255 South 16th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102