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CAP Athletics Department

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Athletic Program Objectives

  1. To provide a variety of opportunities for student-athletes to participate in a quality athletic program.

  2. To establish opportunities for student-athletes to develop positive values from their competitive sport experience.

  3. To offer equitable opportunities for all our young women and men.

  4. To field teams that will be able to be competitive with the schools we play.

  5. To provide an atmosphere in which the student-athletes recognize the importance of respect and teamwork to attain personal and team goals.

  6. To develop high standards of ethical conduct and the commitment for academic success, leading to graduation and the desire to continue their education at the next level.

  7. To teach the young people the highest degree of sportsmanship.

  8. To enhance the image of Community Academy of Philadelphia Charter School.

  9. To assist in stabilizing revenue to fund the athletic program.




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