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Parent/Student Portal

Parents and guardians of students in the Community Academy of Philadelphia can view student progress through PowerSchool, the school’s student information system. PowerSchool is used to schedule classes, take attendance, store grades, produce transcripts, report cards, and more.  PowerSchool “brings together teachers, students, parents and administrators” in an easy to use web-based data system.  The Public Portal may be accessed from any location that has Internet access. The application uses a secure link that encrypts the data to and from the end-user.  Parents and Guardians will receive Access IDs & Access Passwords along with directions on setting up their accounts.  If you did not receive your Access ID & Access Password, please contact [email protected]

Create a Parent/Guardian Account
Use the following directions  to access PowerSchool and set up your new Parent Account:
1. Click on the "PowerSchool Access" link - https://cap.powerschool.com/public/
2. Click on Create Account. 
3. Fill in the top of the form. (Your username and password can be anything you want to use.)
4. Fill in Link Students to Account. (You can enter all of your students on this screen.) The student's Access ID and Access Password will be mailed home to all parents/guardians.
5. Click Enter.

Parent Single Sign-on
Parents/guardians have the ability to create one sign-on and link all of their children to the one account. 
While logged in, click ACCOUNT PREFERENCES  from the left navigation.
Click the STUDENTS tab.
Click the  ADD button.
Enter your child's name, Access information, and relationship.
Your student's name will appear, in the top navigation.

How to Recover Your User Name or Password
Click the FORGOT USERNAME or PASSWORD link on the login screen. Enter the information requested.  A confirmation message appears indicating an email has been sent to you with your current user name.


PowerSchool User Guide

Create a Parent/Guardian Account:

  1. Visit this Link.

  2. Click Create an Account.

  3. Enter the following information:

    1. Name - Your first and last name.

    2. Email - Student notifications and correspondence related to your parent/guardian account will be sent to this email address.

    3. Desired User Name - Your user name is your unique PowerSchool identity.

    4. Password - Your password must be at least 6 characters long.

    5. Student Access Information - Access codes were provided to you via a letter from your child’s principal.

  4. Click Enter.

  5. PowerSchool Login screen will display with the message: Congratulations! Your new Parent/Guardian Account has been created. Enter your Username and Password to start using your new account.

Log into the PowerSchool Public Portal:
  1. Enter your Username and Password.
  2. Click Submit.
Access Codes And Access Passwords:​
You should have received a letter from your child's school containing their student Access Password and Access ID.  If you misplaced this letter, please contact your child's school.  A new letter with the Access ID and Access Password will be sent home.  The school will not distribute Access ID or Access Passwords over the phone.  Codes are case sensitive, please enter them exactly the way they are shown on your letter.​​
Password Information:

If you forgot your username or password, please use the "Forgot Username or Password?" link, which is on the main PowerSchool Public Portal login screen.​

Grades and Attendance:

Detailed attendance records for the last week and current week are shown.  Click the total number of absences to view a detailed description of each absence. 

Clicking the blue grade letter in the current term will bring up the Class Score Detail page for the selected course.  This page displays the due date of the assignment, the name of the assignment, the category, and the score received for each assignment.​

Grade History:

Final grades for the previous grading term are shown.

Attendance History:
View the current term attendance record for your child.  The legend at the bottom of the page displays the attendance codes and their meaning.
Email Notifications:

If you wish to receive information about your child’s grades, attendance, and assignment scores, use this page to set up your e-mail preferences.  You can specify which information you would like to receive, how often you would like to receive the information, and how often you would like to receive e-mail.​

How to Set Up Email Notifications:

  1. On the main menu, click Email Notification. The Email Notifications page appears.

  2. What information would you like to receive? :

    1. Specify which information you would like to receive by selecting the appropriate checkboxes. (Email notifications are available for parent logins only).

Account Preferences:
To change your email address, username, or password:
  1. Navigate to Account Preferences.

  2. Profile.

  3. Make Revisions

  4. Click Save.

  5. Add additional children to your account:

    1. If you need to add additional children after establishing the account, navigate to Account Preferences.

    2. Click the Students tab.

    3. Click Add.

Logout of PowerSchool Public Portal:

If you are not actively working in PowerSchool, your session may timeout.  If so, you need to log in again.  When finished working in PowerSchool, it is important to log out of the application.  You can log out of PowerSchool from any page in the application. Click Logout in the navigation bar. The login page appears.

PowerSchool Online is provided as a convenience.  Grades and other information provided by this system are not official records.  Neither this institution nor Pearson School Systems accepts any responsibility for the information provided by this system and/or for any damages resulting from the information provided by this system.  For official grades and student records, contact the school directly.